Michael Pedicin, Jr. is a name I haven’t heard for a long time, until a Facebook friend shared this song on her wall. I think it was 1980 that I first heard this ever-famous saxophone music during that life’s era of jazz music. Man, this brings back a lot of good (and some bad) memories!

Michael Pedicin Jr. is a second-generation saxophonist. He was born on July 29, 1947, in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, and raised in Ardmore, Pennsylvania. Both towns are suburbs of Philadelphia. His dad, alto saxophonist and singer Mike Pedicin, was an extremely popular entertainer and bandleader in the Philadelphia area for more than six decades until his retirement 13 years ago at age 80. Now 93, he remains in good health and drives his convertible around town every day, according to his son.

During a prolific career that spans more than four decades, the tenor saxophone toured with such jazz greats as Maynard Ferguson, Dave Brubeck, Stanley Clarke, and Pat Martino, as well as R&B, rock, and pop icons Stevie Wonder, the O’Jays, David Bowie, and Lou Rawls. He even played behind Frank Sinatra a few times. He has recorded 10 albums under his own name since 1980 and considers the tenth one, “Ballads…searching for peace,” just released on the Jazz Hut label, to be his crowning achievement.

“I idolized my dad as a saxophonist,” Pedicin Jr. says. “I used to walk around with a saxophone strap around my neck before I could even play a C scale. I wanted to be like him and look like him. He was a matinee-idol-looking guy. He was really high-energy on stage, threw the saxophone around, did ‘Harlem Nocturne’ and ‘April in Paris,’ and had audiences screaming.”

Source: michaelpedicin.com

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