I Miss You is from this Finnish artist’s 2005 album, “Seasons of Life.” Born Janita Maria Ervi née Raukko in Helsinki on December 28, 1978, she started her career in Finland and later moved to Brooklyn at the age of 17. Janita has released five albums in her native Finland—one of which, Tunteita (2001), was released in English to the U.S. market. Seasons of Life was released in the United States on 16 May 2006 and in Japan on 21 September 2006. Her latest album, Haunted, was released worldwide on 27 July 2010 by Engine Company Records.

Before moving to Brooklyn as a seventeen-year-old, Janita had already been a superstar outside of the United States. In her native Finland she was a national icon, the premiere recording artist on radio and television, awash with awards, constant touring and commercial success: a historic and pioneering career, all while still a teenager. She was quickly signed by Sony after moving to New York, capitalizing on her international celebrity. Her eponymous debut was followed by 2001’s I’ll Be Fine and 2006’s Seasons Of Life, the latter scoring her two Top-40 hits on the US Charts. But throughout, Janita saw her own musical vision often being pushed aside for what she was told would be “safer” and in everyone’s best interest.

On the heels of her most commercially successful release to date, Janita returns with her highly anticipated new album, Haunted. The latest in an already acclaimed discography, Haunted is helmed by an artist with the courage and determination to evolve—not only out of artistic desire, but personal necessity.

“The great artists aren’t afraid to grow while retaining what was unique about them in the first place.”

Sources: Wikipedia | Engine Company Records | Facebook | MySpace

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