Zendee Rose Tenerefe

Remember that viral YouTube video of an unknown Filipina in a backpack belting out “And I Am Telling You  (Living Without You)” at a SM Megamall karaoke sales station? Now, it’s being written and she’s being revealed in blogger-sphere and all over the net.

She’s Zendee Rose Tenerefe from the province of General Santos (GenSan). What she’s doing in SM Megamall in July is everyone’s guess. But, like our fave American Idol runner up Jessica Sanchez long before she won her silver lining at the world pop music contest, Zendee Rose has also been accumulating a few YouTube videos of her own. The above video is one of them.

“Amazing grace!” is all I can say.


Below is the original YouTube video that started spreading like wildfire – now at 700,000+ hits and going.

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